SynaptixGames. Privacy Policy

Last Updated July 28, 2020

SynaptixGames, a United States company, its parent and its subsidiaries (collectively the "Company"), respects the privacy rights of our users and is committed to protecting the information collected through its products, services, and websites accessed through any internet-capable hardware platform including gaming consoles, personal computers, mobile computers, or smart phones, or in-game applications or any software platform including third-party hosts(collectively the "Online Services"). We have adopted this privacy policy to explain how we collect, store, disclose, transfer, protect, and otherwise use the information collected in connection with our Online Services (the "Privacy Policy").


If you have questions or complaints regarding our Privacy Policy or practices, please contact us at

  • Who does this privacy policy apply to?
  • What this Privacy Policy applies to
  • What personal and other information may be collected
  • What gameplay information we may collect
  • Special Notes Regarding Certain Information, Including Public Information, Resumes, Investor Relations,
  • Email Correspondence, and Member Names/Gaming Console IDs
  • The consequences, if any, resulting from your refusal to provide personal information
  • How we use cookies, track IP Addresses, or use other passive means to collect information
  • Who, if anyone, is collecting your personal information and how it will be used
  • With whom, if anyone, your personal information will be shared
  • What choices you have with regard to the use of your personal information
  • Links to other parties
  • Whether personal information is collected from Children under 13
  • How we protect your information
  • Your California Privacy Rights.
  • Where information is stored
  • What other Company terms apply
  • What other third-party terms apply
  • How to ask questions or file a complaint


This Privacy Policy applies to all Online Service users and, except as noted, all Online Services that are being offered in the United States by the Company.


This Privacy Policy applies to the Company's Online Services, mobile applications, and other services that link to it or display it including but not limited to TourTown USA by City Manager and Zombie Minecart Rush. In addition, the Company may also own several other domain names that relate to its labels, feature its products, or point to its websites, and we may from time to time add new sites and services.

Please note that this Privacy Policy applies only to information submitted and collected online through the Online Services, and does not apply to information that may be collected by the Company offline. In addition, this Privacy Policy does not apply to websites or services maintained by other companies or organizations (such as those who promote the Company's products and services or sell related items) and the Company cannot and does not guarantee the security of any personal information disclosed to those third parties. In addition, please note that we may hire vendors (agents or contractors) to collect personal information on our behalf and in such cases such vendors will be instructed to comply with this Privacy Policy. These vendors may not use your personal information for their own marketing purposes.

We use the third-party service providers as our online official re-seller and for certain in-game sales functions, check the terms and policies at point of sale. Other third-party service providers may be connected to other in-game sales functions; please review the Terms & Conditions of each product for more details. As indicated at the point of purchase, such transactions are between you and the third-party service provider and they are subject to the third-party service provider’s privacy policy and terms of service.

We also use third parties for various services related to the Online Services, including customer support, technical support, contest data collection, and email fulfillment. When you enter a contest or sign up to receive a newsletter, we may share your personal information as necessary for third parties to provide services on our behalf. These third parties are not permitted to use such information for their own marketing purposes.

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. Please check back from time to time to ensure that you are aware of these changes. If we make a material change to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you here, by email, or by means of a notice on our home page. If necessary, we will give you additional choices regarding such change in these notices. Your continued use of the Online Services will signify your acceptance of these changes.

You may choose to voluntarily provide us with various personal information and non-personal information through your use of the Online Services. We also may use "cookies" and other passive technologies including clear gifs to collect certain non-personal information from you in connection with your use of the Online Services, such as the pages you visit and the features you use. Our cookies are linked to personal information.


Personal information is information that identifies you and that may be used to contact you online or offline. The Company collects personal information from you on a voluntary basis. When you submit personal information to the Company, it will usually take the form of:

  • Registration for Online Services, websites, jobs, products, contests, and special events;
  • Subscribing to newsletters or alerts;
  • Posting in or commenting on our message boards, forums, news blogs, chat rooms, or other Online Services;
  • Purchasing a product or services through our online stores;
  • Purchasing downloadable content, virtual items, or virtual currency for use with our software and/or Online Services;
  • Using "tell a friend," "email this page," or other features;
  • Requesting technical support;
  • Downloading demos, programs, or other software;
  • Participating in polls, surveys, and questionnaires; or

Otherwise through use of our software, including console products, mobile products, and personal computer products, and through the use of our online products or Online Services where personal information is required for use and/or participation.

The types of information collected in connection with the activities listed above will vary depending on the activity. The information we collect may include personal information such as your first and/or last name, e-mail address, phone number, photo, mailing address, or payment information. In addition, we may collect demographic and non-personal information about you or your systems, such as your age, gender, date of birth, zip code, hardware configuration, console ID, software products played, survey data, purchases, IP address and the systems you have played on. If such information is collected for an activity that also requires personal information, we may combine the information with your personal information. Prize winners may be required to provide additional information for prize fulfillment.

If you use, purchase, or register for an Online Service through a third-party service such as a gaming console's network service, an internet based gaming service, or a social network website, or request that we associate a Company account with a third-party service account, then limited user account personal information may be transferred to the Company as part of the registration process and we may be able to collect information about your use of the Online Services. For example, if you purchase virtual currency through a gaming console service, that gaming console service will provide us with information to effectuate the transaction, including the amount of virtual currency purchased and a means to identify your Online Service account.

When you use an application on a Social Networking Site ("SNS"), you allow us to access certain information from your profile from that SNS. The information you allow us to access is affected by the privacy settings you establish at the SNS. For example, our Facebook applications may access and store some or all of the following information, as allowed by you, the SNS and your preferences: your "basic information" you have shared with everyone on the SNS; your profile picture or its URL; your friends list, your user ID number, which is linked to publicly available information such as name and profile photo; or other information indicated as part of the "Request for Permission" prompt from the SNS. Your agreement to share this information takes place when you "accept" (or similar terms) one of our applications on an SNS. Once your information is received from an SNS, that information is stored and used by us in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The Company is not responsible for the terms, policies, disclosures or actions of any SNS.

When you use Facebook Connect, OpenID or another multisite ID to log in to an Online Service, those ID services will authenticate your identity and provide you the option to share certain personal information with us to pre-populate our sign up form. Depending on your account settings, multisite IDs may also provide other information to us. Please check the terms of those services before using them to log into an Online Service. When you play certain software products published by the Company, information about your gameplay may be collected and transmitted to the Company through network services or any other internet connection method used by the hardware on which you play such games (collectively and individually your "Internet Connection"). See "What Gameplay Information Does the Company Collect?" below for further details.


When you use products or services on internet-capable hardware, the Company may receive information regarding your gameplay without any additional notice to you or actions taken by you. The Company will not receive personal information such as your name and address, but may receive other information such as a console ID, gaming service ID, game achievements, game scores and performance, IP address, MAC address, or other device ID, other console/device use information, or other information and statistics regarding your usage of the games. Information about gameplay may be collected while you are offline and transmitted to the Company when you next connect to the Internet whether or not you are currently logged into your Internet Connection from your console, handheld, mobile device, computer, or other gaming platform. The Company may use such information as set forth in this Privacy Policy whether or not you register for or use the Online Services.


Member Names & IDs/Gaming Consoles/Social Network Services/Other Third-Party Services: Certain Online Services offered by the Company, including multiplayer gaming and specialized websites, use third-party services to (i) provide authentication for Online Services; or (ii) associate a Company service account with a third-party account such as a Gaming Console ID, Gaming Network Service account, or Social Network Service account. When you use a third-party authentication service or link your Company account with a third-party account, you will be asked to provide account information associated with that third-party account. Certain membership information may be transferred automatically to the Company when you register to join an Online Service from a third-party gaming network system or link your Online Service membership with a third-party service, such as your friends list on that gaming network or social network service.

Public Information Including Message Boards, User Generated Content, Forums, News Blogs, Comments, User Profiles and Chat Rooms: Whenever you give out personal information in public areas such as on a message board, chat room, comment field, or profile page, that information can be collected and used by other people. Information that you disclose in any of these forums is public information, and there is no expectation of privacy or confidentiality there. You should be aware that any personal information you submit in the course of these public activities can be read, collected, or used by other users of these forums, and could be used to send you unsolicited messages or identify you. If you post a video, image, photo, or other content through an Online Service for public view, you should be aware that these may be viewed, collected, copied, and/or used by other users without your consent. If your screen name or an ID contains your real name, then that name will be made publicly available on leaderboards and elsewhere. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged not to disclose personal information while using our services or use personal information to identify yourself while using our services. We are not responsible for any public information or content you post using our Online Services.

E-mail Correspondence: We may provide e-mail addresses or forms to which visitors can send us questions or comments, or which visitors can use to request customer support. In the process of receiving and responding to such requests, we may collect personal information about you, such as your e-mail address or any other personal data contained in the body of your e-mail message. By allowing you to send us these requests, we are not attempting to solicit personal information from you. We only use the information for the purpose of responding to your questions and/or comments or to provide customer support. In most cases, your message is deleted immediately after we've resolved your inquiry; however, in some instances, copies of your requests may be kept on file for our records, for quality control purposes, or to provide ongoing support services you have requested. If we have actual knowledge that the person with whom we're communicating is a child under the age of thirteen, we delete the child's e-mail address and message immediately after responding.

In addition to responding to your email correspondence and sending you information you have requested via our email lists, we send activation emails and other transactional emails to your e-mail address as necessary. You may not opt-out of these communications, which are not promotional in nature. If you do not wish to receive them, you have the option to deactivate your account.

Resumes: The Company allows for the online submission of resumes. Personal information collected from resumes will be used solely for the purpose of accepting and evaluating candidate submissions for job postings, and is therefore not governed by this Privacy Policy. Information obtained from resumes may be shared within the Company by parents, subsidiaries, or affiliates.


Your refusal to submit personal information may limit your ability to participate in some activities, such as sweepstakes or the use of certain Online Services. However, as described above, regardless of registration we may nonetheless publish gameplay boards and multiplayer match records that contain certain information as a result of your use of the products, such as your online ID.


The Company uses cookies, web beacons, and similar tracking devices for certain Online Services to collect information that is not personal. If you choose to provide us with personal information, it may be linked to the non-personal information stored by these technologies.

Cookies: A "cookie" is a small bit of record-keeping information that websites often store on a user's computer. Our cookies do not include people's names, e-mail addresses, or other personal information; they are typically used to quickly identify a user's computer, browser, or device and to "remember" things about prior visits (such as the user's use of various features on the service). You can disable cookies or set your browser to alert you when cookies are being sent to your computer; however, disabling cookies may affect your ability to use certain Online Services.

Flash Cookies: We may also use flash cookies, also known as "shared objects," on our sites that employ Flash technology. Flash cookies are small files similar to browser cookies and are used to remember the site's settings to personalize the look and feel of the site. Flash cookies only collect data in the aggregate. Like normal cookies, Flash cookies are represented as small software files, do not include people's names, e-mail addresses, or other personal information, and are not tied to your personal information. You can clear flash cookies already on your device by setting the Flash local storage setting to zero. You may also prevent Flash cookies from being placed by adjusting your preferences in the Macromedia Website Privacy Settings Panel at

Web Beacons: A "web beacon" is an electronic image that allows websites to count users who have visited certain pages or viewed certain advertisements. Web beacons, like cookies, do not include personal information.

Internet Log Files: The Company may also keep track of IP addresses used to access its Online Services for various reasons. An IP address is a number that is used by a networked device and will identify your point of connection to the internet. Depending on your network configuration, it may also identify your computer, or other device. A MAC address or other device ID identifies one specific piece of hardware. These log files are tied to your personal information in certain circumstances, such as if you have linked your console user account to Online Service accounts offered by the Company.

Analytic Metrics Tools and Other Technologies: Other information that may be passively collected by the Company includes log files that record information about your hardware, product use, service use, or website use, including website navigation and game telemetry activity. We also use these log file entries for our internal marketing, service design, technical support, and demographic studies, so we can constantly improve the Online Services we provide you.

Advertising Service Providers: Some of our Online Services are supported by advertising provided by the Company or various third-party advertising agents, such as ad networks, data exchanges, traffic management service providers and marketing analytics service providers ("Advertising Service Providers"). Such Online Services may place and use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to collect information about your device and your use of Online Services. The information such Advertising Service Providers may collect, or we may share with them, includes your device’s type, IP address, MAC address or other device ID, browser type, language, operating system and generalized geographic location; the types of pages, content and ads you, or others who are using your device, visited or viewed and the frequency of your visit/viewing; and information regarding your use of or activities in connection with a website or Online Service (e.g., time spent using a mobile application or your purchases). This information may be collected or shared when you use an Online Service, click on a webpage or an advertisement, or launch one of our game or other mobile applications that you have installed, and may be used: (1) to ensure that an Advertising Service Provider is accurately and properly paid for an advertisement it placed on our behalf (e.g., an ad that led you to purchase or download one of our games or other mobile applications); (2) to help prevent you from seeing the same ads over and over again; (3) to help select and display targeted ads or other content on your computer or other device (such as on a website you are viewing or a mobile application you are using) that may be of particular interest to you; (4) to measure and analyze advertising effectiveness and/or traffic in our Online Services and determine the popularity of certain content; and (5) to monitor and analyze the usage of our Online Services, so that we can continually enhance and improve them.

Third-party Advertisers: The Company works with various third-party advertising agents that use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to collect information. Please click on the links below to learn more about these vendors, their privacy policies, and the ability to opt out of their tracking programs. Please note that the inclusion of a vendor in the list below does not mean that the Company is currently using their services or that it is currently conducting any campaigns that use such technologies. We do not have access to or control of the third-party tracking technologies, and we encourage you to review their privacy policies before disclosing information to such parties.

  • AD-X []
  • ATLAS []
  • DoubleClick []
  • Facebook []
  • Google []
  • Mediaplex []
  • Nielsen/Netratings []
  • Omniture []
  • Playhaven []
  • Yahoo []

Additional information about individual opt-out programs is available on the World Privacy Forum website at In addition to visiting the websites of each of the vendors listed above, you may opt out of certain targeted advertising by multiple third-party advertising networks at one time if they belong to the Network Advertising Initiative or the Digital Advertising Alliance. Visit the Network Advertising Initiative's website at or the Digital Advertising Alliance’s website at to select the applicable networks.


When you submit information to the Company via our Online Services, or information is collected as described in this Privacy Policy, that information is received by the Company. The Company uses this information to send you promotional materials, to provide you with access to our services, to fulfill product orders, to fulfill "tell a friend" requests, and to respond to questions or technical problems. We also use your personal and other information for our internal marketing and demographic studies, so we can constantly improve the products and services we provide you and to better meet your needs.

Your participation in tournaments or other online game events is conditional upon our collection, use, storage, transmission and public display of statistical data (such as your scores, rankings, and achievements) generated through your participation.

Users of Online Services may be automatically entered into contests as a result of their membership and/or use of certain services.

Online gaming and Social Networking Services are by their very nature open communities where gameplay information including user name, game activity, and leaderboard rankings are publicly posted for other people to see. Therefore, the Company will automatically post certain information, such as your Screen Name or ID and gameplay statistics, within the game, on Social Networking Services, on Online Services, or on specialized game websites. However, we will not post information that we know directly and clearly identifies you (such as your real name or email address) unless you provide that information voluntarily for such use. As with other gameplay information services, your gameplay, leaderboards, and multiplayer match information may appear nested in our games or third-party webpages via frames or widgets.

We may match and/or combine information collected in connection with various Online Services and display it publicly, including on our websites, in our games, or in multiplayer game lobbies. For example, if you associate your Company website account with a game console account, your in-game achievements may be displayed combining your website account name with your in-game achievements.

Some of our Online Services allow you to link your account to SNS services like Facebook and Twitter. Certain membership information may be transferred automatically to the Company when you link your Online Service membership with SNS account, such as your friends list. Some SNS services also give you the option to post information about the Online Services to their websites to share with others. If you choose to use these features, your actions are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing the feature. Please review each company's governing policies before using their services.

Some of our Online Services offer SNS features and Widgets, such as the Facebook "Like" button, Google + button, or the Share This button. These third-party SNS features may set a cookie to enable the Feature to function properly and may collect information about you when you use them, such as your IP address and which page you are visiting on our site. SNS features and Widgets are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly by our Online Services. Your interactions with these Features are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing the Feature. Please review each company's governing policies before using their services.

From time to time, the Company may employ vendors to perform services on the Company's behalf. These vendors provide internal support to the Company by operating some of the services we provide you such as contest entry collection and email services. Although these vendors, not the Company, may collect, use, or maintain the information in connection with the Online Services, the Company still requires that they adhere to the Company's stated privacy policies and that they not share your personal information with third parties or use the information for their own marketing purposes.


The Company may also share your personal information with third parties as described in this Privacy Policy. The Company may share your personal information to fulfill a request you have made, such as signing up for an email list or requesting customer support. In the event we offer services or promotions where your personal information is separately collected and used according to the privacy policy of a third party, we will inform you of that at the time of collection and you may elect not to participate in the service or promotion. In addition, we may share aggregate information (not personal information) regarding Online Service usage statistics and user demographics with third parties, but this information will not include personal information.

We may share your personal information with third parties in connection with an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringements, or other activity that is illegal or may expose you or us to legal liability, including as required by law enforcement or other government officials. We also may share your personal information with third parties when we have reason to believe that a disclosure is necessary to address potential or actual injury or interference with our rights, property, operations, users, or others who may be harmed or may suffer loss or damage, or when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, investigate, or enforce our terms and conditions, combat fraud and/or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on the Company. In addition, your personal information may be disclosed to a potential or actual successor or assign in connection with a proposed or consummated merger, acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy, or other similar event involving all or a portion of the Company, the Company's customer information may be transferred to our successor or assign.


If you are a member of an Online Service, you may use that service's account and privacy settings to personalize the collection, use and/or display of your data via that service.

If you do not want to receive certain communications such as newsletters or promotional offers, you may decline consent at the time your personal information is collected or later opt-out by using the methods listed below. In addition to the methods below, along with every communication sent to you, the Company gives you the opportunity to discontinue receiving future communications.

If for any reason you wish to unsubscribe from Company mailing lists, please use the unsubscribe link provided in each email. You may also send an email with “unsubscribe” in the subject line to Please included relevant details such as the name of the mailing list, in the body of the email.

If for any reason you wish to delete your account information, please send an email with "delete account" in the subject line to

In addition to the above methods, if you wish to view, delete, or correct the personal information collected about you, you may also send an e-mail to, or write to us at SynaptixGames, 321 Rood Ave. Suite 201, Grand Junction, CO 81501. Please indicate your country of residence in your correspondence

Data Retention: We will retain your personal information for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you services. If you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer use your personal information to provide you services contact us as described above under "How You Can Control the Collection, Use, and/or Display of Data or Review Your Data." If your account is inactive for a period time it may be deleted. If information is changed or deleted, we may still retain some of your information in our files to resolve disputes, enforce our user agreement, administer our services, comply with technical and legal requirements, and/or other constraints related to the security, integrity, and operation of our Online Services.

In all cases for all Online Services, we will respond to your request for access to update, delete, or correct inaccuracies to your personal information within 30 days.


You should be aware that while you are on our websites you could be directed to other sites that are beyond our control. The fact that we link to a website is not an endorsement, authorization, or representation of our affiliation with that third party. Because we cannot guarantee that the privacy policies of these websites meet our high standards, we recommend reading the privacy policy of the website you link to before you submit any of your personal information.


The Company does not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13 years old. If we become aware that a child under 13 has submitted information to the Company, we delete this information immediately. We encourage parents to instruct their children to never give out their real names, addresses, or phone numbers, without permission, when using the Internet.


To protect your personal information, the Company follows generally accepted industry standards and maintains reasonable safeguards to attempt to ensure the security, integrity, and privacy of the information you have provided. The Company has security measures in place designed to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Personal information collected by the Company is stored in secure operating environments that are not available to the public (e.g., locked rooms). To prevent unauthorized electronic access to personal information, the Company maintains information collected online behind a firewall-protected server and uses SSL encryption for purchases made through our online store. However, no system can be 100% secure and human errors occur, so there is the possibility that there could be unauthorized access to your information. By using our services, you assume this risk.


Since 2005, California Civil Code Section 1798.83 permits our customers who are California residents to request certain information regarding our disclosure of personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. If this Privacy Policy states that any personal information may be shared with third parties for their direct marketing purposes, you may send inquiries regarding our disclosure policy to:

321 Rood Ave. Suite 201
Grand Junction, CO 81501 USA


All information collected or received by the Company in connection with the Online Services is collected in, processed in, or transferred to the United States of America and other countries. While your information is in another jurisdiction, it may be accessed by the courts, law enforcement, and national security authorities pursuant to the laws of those jurisdictions. By using our services, you expressly consent to such collection, transfer, and processing. Backup data, matchmaking data, and administrative data may also be stored on media or servers located in the United States of America and other countries.


Use of our services and products may be subject to other terms, conditions and disclosures prescribed by the Company, console manufacturers and/or other partners, including: (i) the Limited Software Warranty and License Agreement that accompanied the purchase of the game; (ii) terms of service, privacy policy, and code of conduct for our Online Services; (iii) other terms and disclosures which are made available to you by the Company; and (iv) the terms, conditions, and disclosures made available to you by third parties in connection with the use of their gaming consoles and/or Online Services. All such terms, conditions and disclosures are incorporated by reference into this Privacy Policy.


You may be able to sign up for or access the Online Services through third-party platforms such as gaming consoles, mobile devices, other websites and social networking services. When you submit personal information to the Company via a third-party platform, your use of that platform is also governed by its terms of service, privacy policies and/or code of conduct. Please review each company's governing policies before using their services.


For all questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy, contact us at 970-712-6000; via email at; or, by regular mail at SynaptixGames, 321 Rood Ave. Suite 201, Grand Junction, CO 81501, USA